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The Lopez Family

The Lopez family has lived and served the Kansas City Metropolitan area for more than 30 years.  Manny Lopez, who started Manny’s Restaurant 33 years ago, believes every guest that walks through his doors should be treated, well, like one of the family. At Manny’s, great food, great service, and great conversations are a given.  Manny and his family would like to welcome you into their home each day. (Except on Sunday’s of course)

Kansas Citians and their taste buds have transformed this restaurant into one of the KC’s premier Mexican dining hot spot!  The Lopez Family could not be prouder to be considered one of Kansas City’s favorite Mexican Restaurants. From top to bottom the Lopez Family runs and operates Manny’s Restaurant.

Owners: Manny and Vivian Lopez. Manny got his start in the restaurant business at the historic Muehlebach Hotel as a bartender and server. After that he moved on to Westport One where he refined his bar tending skills. There, he made a name for himself as a perfectionist and a true artist in his field of bar tending. In 1980, Manny decided it was time to open his own restaurant in downtown KC. At, the very same location as it is today, Manny and his wife Vivian Lopez started Manny’s Restaurant of Kansas City. With the recipes of his family Manny began serving Kansas Citians. All recipes served in Manny’s 33 year ago and today originate from the Lopez family. Manny started serving the food he grew up eating and it became a favorite of Kansas City. Manny and Vivian continue to own and influence the restaurant today, but Manny has left the day to day operations of the Restaurant in the hands of his children.

Debbie Lopez: Debbie served as General Manager of Manny’s Restaurant for over 20 years. The daughter of Manny Lopez, Debbie worked tirelessly with her father and siblings to make Manny’s everything it is today. She oversaw the opening of Manny’s South in 1992 and ran it successfully for 10 years until its closing in 2003. Debbie passed away from breast cancer in 2012 after a six year battle.  Though fighting breast cancer, Debbie still worked hard and her impression has been left forever at Manny’s Restaurant. She will always be our girl.

General Manager: David Lopez

Restaurant/ Catering/ Events Manager: Kathy Lopez-Ritz

Restaurant/ Beverage Manager: Renee Lopez

Marketing Manager: Kim Lopez-Burdolski

Assistant Marketing Manager/ Bartender: Danny Ritz 

Bussers/ Servers/ Bartenders/ Hosts: Libby Ritz, Danny Ritz, Kevin Ritz, Kelsey Ritz, Frankie Burdolski 

Our Family April 5, 2013